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October 2018 minor revisions to Institutional 3.2, Economics 3.1
February 2017 revised institutional evaluation field, version 3.2

February 2016  Latest rapfish in r available

February 2015 -  TWO NEW RAPFISH VERSIONS in preparation
    RapAqua for aquaculture sustainability and impacts
    RapRestore for ecological restoration sites

September 2014
* NEW SOFTWARE VERSION NOW AVAILABLE  includes revised inputs and graph plotting routines

* Revised attribute lists (VERSION 3.1) now available

May 2014  
        Revised Rapfish software in r is nearing completion from Chloe Orland and Divya Varkey.
        Revisions to sustainability attributes in progress led by Dr Mimi Lam with Chloe Orland, Nicolas Talloni, Szymon Surma and others
April 2014
        Rapfish analysis of British Columbia fisheries in progress

January 2014 
        New Rapfish paper on tropical tuna fisheries published by Murillas-Maza, A., Moreno, G. and Murua, J. (2014) - see published papers section.

December 2013 
    Internal Rapfish workshop at UBC. This web site updated
    R analysis software site still not working well - apologies ! (R software itself is OK)

April 2013
    Revisions to Rapfish software in R now available for download
January 2013
    NEW SOFTWARE SITE UP IN BETA Minor revisions to attribute scoring sheet inserted in final revised version of WFC paper and available on this website

December 2012 
    Paper on Rapfish presented by Dr Mimi Lam (10th from right) at IndiSeas workshop in Paris 2012

'r' server still under trial

November 2012 
Minor edits to fields
New 'r' server set up to service Rapfish analysis: under trail before full release
Paper describing the new Rapfish accepted for publication in J. Fish Biol. special issue from the 6th World Fisheries Congress.

September 2012
Minor edits to Ecological and Institutional (rapid) fields.
Preliminary 'r' code available for Rapfish 3.0 on software page: files names should be entered in the code at this stage (from Divya Varkey)
Draft herring study completed (William Hunt)

August 2012
Improvements to the Ecological Evaluation Field uploaded
Herring case study by William Hunt (Masters student from Ireland) nearing completion.
R code algorithm improved by Dr Divya Varkey to avoid crashes when scores are very similar (additional anchor fisheries included - invisible to user)
R-website in process of being set up on a UBC Virtual Server by Ken Lockhart

1 June 2012
Paper describing the new Rapfish submitted to the Special Issue of J Fish Biol from the 6th World Fisheries Congress.

Improvements to the ‘Rapfish’ rapid evaluation technique for fisheries: integrating ecological and human dimensions, BY Tony Pitcher, Mimi Lam, Cameron Ainsworth, Andrew Martindale, Katrina Nakamura, R. Ian Perry, and Trevor Ward

22 May 2012
Revised evaluation fields uploaded

8 May 2012
Paper on the new Rapfish presented at the 6th World Fisheries Congress, Edinburgh, Scotland.
and this paper selected as one of 20 to be submitted to the Special Issue of J. Fish Biol.

12 April 2012
All Rapfish algorithms programmed and debugged in "r" by Dr Divya Varkey, BC Government unit at the Fisheries Centre, UBC. 

4 October 2011
Website updated with draft revised sustainability fields

2 October 2011
Final Report on Martha Piper project

27 September 2011
Wrap Up Rapfish: 1-day workshop for Martha Piper project: AERL 10 - 4pm

Paper in preparation for GEIG volume (see July news)

Trial Rapfish MDS is running on the web in R/Java as proof of concept and will be available via this website in beta SOON in September 2011. User data submitted to the web site in csv files. .

July 2011 
Dr Mimi Lam presented a paper featuring the new Rapfish legality and institutional analysis for fisheries at the
GEIG (Global Ecological Integrity Group) conference in Prague, July 15th 2011. [link to slides to come]

June 2011
Rapfish Workshop  Human Dimensions in Rapfish June 14th to 16th, June 2011 [Martha Piper Research Fund]