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Rapfish Method

Uses MDS (multidimensional scaling) to ordinate the fisheries (entities) in attribute space. A professional MDS algorithm is implemented.
The MDS is scaled, rotated to lie between the desired extremes, and additional anchor points are added to stabilize the ordination direction. This is described in the 2001 Rapfish paper in Fisheries Research.
Normally, 6 to 12 attributes are used in each field.
Because of a factorial in the MDS formula - no more than 40 fisheries can be used in any one analysis, although they may be done in batches and put together later since analyses overlay each other very closely.

Scores are scaled between the worst possible ("BAD") to the best possible score ("GOOD").

In the standard method scores are assigned on a scale of zero to ten (either 10 or 0 represent Good or Bad - this can be mixed among the attributes if necessary). Older work used a numbeer of differntscales (e.g. from zero to 5), but more recently zero to 10 has become standard.