2016 (new December) - Rapfish 3.1 software in r NOW AVAILABLE from!ArugQ9yyHIZ3g_gB9IuVwZ5Y8fxJXQ

2014 NB click on the arrow at the right hand side to download (dont click on the file name)

Rapfish using the free stats package "R" (Rapfish 3.0) - separate versions for Mac and PC
With data in a CSV file extracted from an excel spreadsheet, this provides Rapfish results for  Evaluation Field data , including Monte Carlo uncertainty, attribute leverage analysis and some summary kite and 2d plots.  Instructions for use are in the package to download (note: separate versions for Mac and Windows).

Visual Basic in Excel (Rapfish 2.0) PC only
Basic MDS, scaling, rotation and anchoring are performed by a VBA routine in an Excel spreadsheet. This version works only on Windows and Microsoft Office (2003 and above, but NOT office for Mac) as it requires a DLL file. Installation notes and files can be found in the PDF guide in the zip file below. The technique is fully described in the report that can be found on the files page.
Rapfish 3.1 for
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Rapfish for
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Rapfish in R 2
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